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Woman kills herself after accidentally texting her husband a message meant for her lover

Gail Crocker

By: Eva Fett

In a very sad story, a woman killed herself after she was caught cheating on her husband.

The woman of England, who worked as a police officer, committed suicide by overdosing on pills and sleeping in the trunk of her car.

The incident began, after she wrote a text message to her lover thanking him for a wonderful date they had, but accidentally sent it to her husband.

Police officer Gail Crocker, 46, of St Stephen, Cornwall, met a colleague while her husband Peter Crocker, 49, was on a business trip to London, and they went out together.

In the text message she wrote: "Thank you for a wonderful evening. Just wish we could do this more often.”

However, the mother of two sent the message to her husband to whom she was married for 30 years.

When her husband returned home and confronted his wife, she admitted to having a one time encounter with a male colleague, but she insisted that it was the first time.

The couple fought about the situation. The husband said that his wife begged him for forgiveness over the incident.

“She was in floods of tears saying she was sorry. She said it was an isolated incident and that she had never done it before,” Peter Crocker said.

The next day, while Peter Crocker was still angry over her betrayal, Gail Crocker called him at work. He became so angry that he threw his phone to the floor, breaking it.

Later that day, on his way home from work, he went to get a new phone and came home late from work.

He found that his wife had disappeared, and that she had called in sick to work that day.

Friends later called Mr. Crocker when they spotted his white Audi at a park in a nearby town.

Crocker opened the trunk to find his wife’s body next to an empty bottle of pills along with suicide notes.

The suicide notes were addressed to her husband and to her two daughters.

“She was my life. Nothing was worth her taking her life. I’m lost without her,” the broken-hearted husband said.

Source: yourjewishnews



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