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MDC99 President – No evil dictator has died an honourable death …

In whatever we do we have to be careful that dictators leave the trail of bloodshed even when they end up dying pitiful deaths. No evil dictator has died an honourable death with a dignified buried, since its adoption by Adolf Hitler and Benito Musolini. You can mention them in Africa from Mobutu Sese Seko, Kamuzu Banda, Muammar Gaddafi, Laurent Gabgo, Charles Taylor and an endless list. But they die with a trail of bloodshed. Dictators allover the world claim support of their oppressed subjects. They give themselves astronomical resounding victories in purported elections that are fixed and stolen.

The electoral process is done just as a charade. Ben Ali was humiliated and flew out of his country after a two months claim of 96% electoral victory. Mubarak Hosni had 98% victory. Saddam Hussein always scored an electoral victory of between 99.9% to 100% since he became the Iraq leader. Their subjects will live in abject poverty while they always have pomp and fanfare. Holding expensive weddings, eating sumptuously and arrogate themselves Godly and divine leadership. Surrogates around them give them adulation on daily bases. The masses are always made sure they are cowed into submission. When you try to raise your finger, they become combative to make sure you are domesticated.

So, dearest Zimbabweans, the resounding victory you are always reminded of daily is a FALSE victory, a victory in the tradition of all dictatorship. They allocate themselves huge victories to kill any spirit of resistance. They do it so that you loose confidence and hope. But God is for the downtrodden and helpless ones. He works in a different way we do as men of flesh. So please spare us your crap. Mugabe did not win any elections since 1980. 20 000 of Nkomo supporters were killed, 10 000 since the formation of the MDC. It was always soft genocide. ZANU PF like l always said has long been rejected by dogs and reptiles!! It will go!!!

by Job Sikhala

(Former Legislator and MDC99 President




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