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Oppah Muchingura -vs- Liviah Gumbura

What was it that Oppah hated in the late ZANU(PF) Senator Livia Gumbura?

Robert Martin Gumbura was born in 1956 and was reported by the media to be the son of Livia Gumbura, the late ZANU (PF) Senator for Mabvuku-Tafara, may her soul rest in peace.

Oppah Muchinguri was born in 1958 and she was a guerilla fighter alongside with the Late Josiah Tongogara, may his soul rest in peace.

After the bloody war and needless to mention abusive period, in new Zimbabwe she became a Private Secretary to the President, 1980-81.

Oppah was a fellow passenger in the car crash which killed Tongogara on the eve of Independence in December 1979. Miraculously, she emerged unscathed.

She later was appointed Deputy Minister of State for External Affairs , 1989-93; Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, 1993-97; Deputy Secretary General of the Government Party and later Party Secretary of Education and Deputy Secretary of Women’s Affairs, 1993-97.

Oppah was married to struggling Botswana-based trader Tapiwa Rushesha and their marriage ended in the late 1990s in a messy divorce, and she reverted to her family name of Muchinguri.

She was given full ministerial rights when she was appointed Minister of State in the President’s Office, 1997-2000; Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development, 2005-09. After the inclusive government, marked by 31 July 2013, Oppah was reappointed Minister of Women’s Affairs and Gender.

Livia Gumbura was elected as Senator in 2005 and Oppah was Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development.

Though Oppah denied the rumours, she was reported to have had an alleged relationship with Simon “chopper” Chimbetu in the mid-90s and the late Dendera maestro was influenced to pen a song in which he extolled the virtues of an imaginary woman by the name “Oppah”. “She is like an angel sent for me,” Chopper sang.

Married several times and divorced as much, Zanu PF women’s league boss Oppah Muchinguri is in love again, this time with a church pastor from Mbare.

Muchinguri was reported not preferring to discuss her personal life in public. She was quoted as saying, “It is none of your business. There are a lot of things you people can write about. Has anybody asked you about your personal life? In fact when the time comes you will be the first to know. It is probably in December,” Muchinguri said then.

Why Oppah is fighting Gumbura’s wives puzzles? It’s become the silent emotional killer among women. Women who are downright mean, malicious and disrespectful with each other. This trend is creating havoc in our relationships with each other, for it strikes the core of sisterhood. Real sisterhood can only exist when respect and trust stand unshakeable. In this particular, most men are quite opposite to us. For a man, a brother is a brother. However, what is most disturbing about our malicious ways is that we are passing on a legacy of a broken sisterhood to our daughters. Girls that are mean and catty are usually this way because their understanding is that this is a normal part of femaleness. They grow up to become mean and catty women who perpetuate a diseased sisterhood. To break this cycle we each need to make a conscious effort to validate all women. Be they our friends or not. Otherwise, we will continue to find ourselves moving within circles of female hostility, suspicion, and pain.

This is our big sister who is waging war against the Gumburas. Why?

By Jehu Tafirenyasha



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