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‘Mugabe must be overthrown’

Zimbabwe human rights activist warns new President of Zimbabwe – Bubblews via @GoBubblews Controversial MDC-T politician Job Sikhala says he will support a faction of Zanu PF allegedly working to overthrow President Robert Mugabe from power. read it on:

VIDEO: Obama Urges Renewal Of US Export-Import Bank

President Barack Obama is trying to rally support for a taxpayer-subsidized bank that he says creates jobs. watch it on:

Hamas signs Palestinian application for ICC membership

Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – Hamas has signed a proposal for the Palestinians to apply to join the International Criminal Court at which legal action could be taken against Israel, a senior official of the Islamist movement said Saturday. read it on:

Dutch grapple with jihadist threat

Across Europe, governments are trying to prevent the radicalisation of young people attracted by the growing influence of Islamic State militants. More than 100 Dutch citizens are thought to be fighting for various groups in Syria and Iraq, and hundreds more have been identified as potential jihadists. watch it on:

VIDEO: Democrats Reframe Debate On Health Care

President Barack Obama’s unpopular health care law is losing some of its political punch as vulnerable Democrats see it as less of an election-year minus and Republicans increasingly talk about fixing it instead of repealing. watch it on:

VIDEO: Obama Could Seek New Funds To Battle Islamic State: Senate Aide

President Barack Obama could ask the U.S. Congress in coming weeks to approve new funds for airstrikes against Islamic State targets, following the militants’ beheading of an American journalist and activities in Iraq. watch it on:

VIDEO: U.N. Nuclear Inquiry On Iran Seen Making Slow Headway: Diplomats

The U.N. nuclear watchdog appears to have made only limited progress so far in getting Iran to answer questions about its suspected atomic bomb research, diplomatic sources said on Friday, three days before a deadline for cooperation watch it on:

VIDEO: U.S. Representative Ryan Sees No Government Shutdown This Year: Paper

U.S. Representative Paul Ryan expects his Republican Party to avoid a U.S. government shutdown this year, he told a Washington newspaper, saying he thought they would fund federal agencies through the upcoming elections. read it on:

VIDEO: Turkey’s Davutoglu To Be Next Prime Minister, AK Party Leader: Erdogan

Turkish president-elect Tayyip Erdogan nominated Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as the next leader of the ruling AK Party and his future prime minister on Thursday. watch it on:

Amnest International Wrong! Right to life of all innocent people must be preserved

Amnest International Wrong! Right to life of all innocent people must be preserved – Bubblews via @GoBubblews

Thabiso Phiri, Miss Zimbabwe we stand with U

This Group is for fans of Thabiso Phiri, Miss Zimbabwe who was representing Zimbabwe at beauty competition but was force to resign because an Ex-Boyfriend leaked her photo’s to the social media. This is an ambitious young woman who was tortured by a person who posted her photo’s to the social media -and the pictures … Continue reading

Zimbabweans love condoms

CONDOM usage in Zimbabwe has steadily increased over the years and is among the highest in Southern Africa when compared to the size of the population, Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa has said. read it on:

Ebola: Liberia soldiers ordered to shoot border crossers

Why shoot cross borders? Why not think something better like taking them to a better place and test whether they have Ebola rather than shoot? We are still barbaric in Africa! read it on:

Miss Zimbabwe nude pictures Shocking. Another Picture! New Pictures here!

————————————————————— Miss Zimbabwe nude pictures Shocking. Another Picture! New Pictures here! – Bubblews via @GoBubblews ————————————————————–


HER stepdad couldn’t get her mum pregnant, so he allegedly decided to test his 4-5 on the 15-year-old girl! READ IT ON:


GIRL (11) IS SOLD FOR SEX THIS neighbour was worried whenever she saw the little girl visiting the madala next door. READ IT ON:

Zimbabwe : Finally, Tsvangirai wakes up more than a year later: Tsvangirai wants fresh polls – Israel and Chin a helped rig Zim 2013 elections

[Expect the SADC to do absolutely nothing! Plus Mugabe is now the chair of the SADC. Glad to see Tsvangirai's head finally coming out of his ass a bit.] are blacks stupid or unthinkable to love evil … to Read it click:

5 kids hospitalised after mistaking rat poison pellets for sweets

FIFTEEN children from eight families in Bulawayo’s Tshabalala suburb cheated death on Sunday after consuming rat poison. READ IT ON:

Mugabe plans to die in office as life president of Zanu PF and Zimbabwe

PUBLISHER and academic, Ibbo Mandaza, has said President Robert Mugabe staged a pre-emptive coup on potential successors by accepting nomination by a group of Zanu PF women as the party’s sole candidate for the 2018 presidential polls. READ IT ON:

Bulawayo Council evicts 72 families and demolishes their Hyde Park Estate home

Bulawayo Council evicts 72 families and demolishes their Hyde Park Estate home:

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