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People vs. Ebola – thousands volunteering!

I can barely believe it – thousands of us have volunteered to risk our lives at the front line of the Ebola crisis, including hundreds of doctors and health workers! And you have to see what the volunteers are writing — it’s beautiful. read it on: UK envoy: British public opinion against Israel Diplomats … Continue reading

When AIDS calls a hero: the story of a Zimbabwean youth

Mbare, Zimbabwe: His was a face that beamed with the hope of a nation hungry for recognition in the international boxing world. And so were his quick jabs that decimated and stupefied opponents in the ring. read it on:


Gregory Turner tried to use US lawmakers to lobby for the lifting of US sanctions. read it on:

Mugabe’s land reform in focus amid new farm evictions

White farmers are once again facing evictions in Zimbabwe. Despite the widespread perception that President Robert Mugabe’s land reform benefited only the wealthy, experts say it redistributed land to hundreds of thousands of rural poor. read it on:

Zimbabwean arrested for diplomat’s murder

"The suspect was found with a watch, a camera and a cellphone and other items linking him to the murder. read it on:

Zanu PF degrees in violence evident

HARARE – The savage Zanu PF intra-party fighting that exploded in Mutare on Friday at Grace Mugabe’s rally exposes the ruling party for what it is: a declining movement which banks on its famed PhDs in violence and thuggery to remain in power, as its 90-year-old leader once boasted. read it on:

I want to lead Zimbabwe — Grace Mugabe -Wife of President

MASVINGO – In yet another stunning development in the fast-changing and gripping Zanu PF story, First Lady Grace Mugabe has now come out in the open about her ambition to succeed President Robert Mugabe as the country’s leader. read it on:

South Africa: TB Joshua Sends Money, Anointed Water to SA Families

Johannesburg — Evangelist TB Joshua has sent a team to South Africa to deliver money, anointed water, and maize meal to the families of those killed at his guesthouse, which collapsed In Nigeria last month, the Sunday Times reported. read it on:

Hijackings cost R8.5bn

Close to 200 cars are lost to vehicle theft syndicates daily in South Africa. At least 28 vehicles are hijacked daily while an average of 160 vehicles were stolen every day throughout the previous financial year. read it on:

Zimbabwe: TB Joshua Disgrace – MDC Chair’s Body Stuck in Nigeria

Zimbabwe: TB Joshua Disgrace – MDC Chair’s Body Stuck in Nigeria As if the loss of a loved one was not enough grief for the late Mashonaland West MDC-T chairman, Greenwich Ndanga’s relatives, it has emerged the family’s worries do not just end there. read it on:


Gregory Turner tried to use US lawmakers to lobby for the lifting of US sanctions. read it on:

Did The Mormon Missionaries Help Spread Ebola??

If the ebola outbreak is not a hoax, why are people not concerned about the 274 Mormon missionaries who were evacuated from the epicenter of the outbreak?? read it on:

‘God spoke through Makandiwa’

I would like to share some views about the role of a prophet, in response to a letter titled Makandiwa should stick to church matters (The Standard October 5-11 2014). I am sure the writer of the letter cannot give us the job description of a prophet. read it on:

The Grace Mugabe ‘tsunami’ shakes Zanu PF

SOMEWHERE in the obscure annals of Shona folklore is a nugget of ancient wisdom which counsels against behaving like a lunatic who has picked up a whistle. read it on:

Zimbabwe: ‘Sex Coffee’ Hits the Streets of Harare

VENDORS selling a new ‘sex coffee’ that allegedly enhances sexual performance are making brisk business on the streets of Harare. read it on:

Zimbabwe: They Want to Kill Me – Grace Mugabe

– The First Lady Grace Mugabe, who has openly declared her interest to succeed her 90-year-old husband, President Robert Mugabe, yesterday came up with another bizarre allegation — this time claiming that there were people in Zanu PF out to assassinate her. continue reading it on:

‘SA helps fight Ebola’

A ministerial advisory committee on Ebola has been appointed and South Africa will be supplying humanitarian aid to West Africa, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said on Friday. continue reading it on:

Quarantined North West man dies

A man from Potchefstroom who was quarantined after showing signs of haemorrhagic fever has died, the North West health department said on Friday. continue reading it on:

US military planes arrive at epicenter of Ebola

Six U.S. military planes arrived in the Ebola hot zone Thursday with more Marines, as West Africa’s leaders pleaded for the world’s help in dealing with a crisis that one called "a tragedy unforeseen in modern times." continue reading on:

The 5 Big Dating Mistakes That Women Make

Are you having a bad time with dating? Do you seem to go on scores of dates and talk to lots of men online but you never seem to make a connection or meet your man? read it on:

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