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Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant and only those blinded by hate see him as a hero

Mugabe has just squandered $ 1 million of a birthday party, $ 5 million his daughter’s wedding, lives in a $20 million palatial mansion, etc… go to: We publish all Zanu PF government’s dirty to public. We hate the evils of these monster’s to last degree. 0n Facebook join Shockingnews21 group:


The Mangaung woman who didn’t want to be named said business used to be hard, with men chasing after sexy young magoshas. READ IT ON:


On Saturday, Sipho C-ga Masebe (28) from Alexandra, north of Joburg, hosted his third annual All White Tropical Party at Kwa-Bhekilanga Secondary School. The party was attended by the likes of former Generations actor Slindile Nodangala, media personality Lunga Tshabalala, actor and presenter Akhumzi Jezile, singer Wanda Baloi, socialite and publicist Linda Moeketsi, among others. … Continue reading

SANNAH NTHAU (24) is from Diepkloof – SUNBABE OF THE WEEK!

SANNAH NTHAU (24) is from Diepkloof, Soweto. She likes to do acting and presenting as hobbies. And boy, with that body, she’s one tough act to follow! READ IT ON:

Attention: 11 sacrificed to demons/ died at Prophet Magaya in Zimbabwe

Today during early hours in Zimbabwe More than 11 people have been sacrificed to the gods of demons at Prophet Magaya’s so called Holy Crusade. These false prophets like Prophet Magaya have becoming a serious menace to public welfare, feeding on human blood to gain more power. READ IT ON:

TB Joshua Uses Human Blood To Please His “gods”…

Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah, the General Overseer of the Glorious Way Chapel has signaled worshipers of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) to be vigilant of another disaster likely to hit the church again. READ IT ON:


“I want the money I’ve paid in church funds to be paid back to me. I’m not here to provide the pastor with gambling money. We can’t be led by a man like that,” Kabelo said. read it on:

Zanu PF is disintegrating

HARARE – Zimbabwe is again at an “interesting” place. The outcome will determine the immediate events in my country and maybe even in the longer term. The past determines the future and we need to quickly summarise what has gone on in this country since 1997. READ IT ON:

Mugabe will soon be rejected by ZANU PF

Mugabe will soon be rejected by his own people in ZANU PF. The people of Zimbabwe have long back rejected President Robert Mugabe and his corrupt, satanic ZANU PF government. READ IT ON:


They were so in love and it didn’t seem to matter that her wonderful lover, Kenneth Serite (36), was 15 years younger than her – but after a year things started going wrong. READ IT ON:

Mugabe must go. Even Israel admitted that David was now old

Zimbabwe should face the facts that Mugabe is now old. Years have just caught up with him. Even Israel admitted that David was now old; READ IT ON:

Western Gays bringing AIDS to Africa by Sodomising boys under age!

It gets worse. Western tourists come to Africa for sex tours. This involves white men who are already infested with HIV. They spread it usually to under age boys. That is why there is so much HIV in Africa. It has been imported from “gay” communities in the west. READ IT ON:


We publish all Zanu PF government’s dirty to public. We hate the monster’s to last degree. For uncensored news on Facebook join Shockingnews21 group: Joyce Mujuru that Mugabe’s whore. they should burn her in the house as they did to her husband. All Zanu pf politiburo members are tired of sleeping with her- l … Continue reading

Man catches wife sleeping with pastor’s son in church

"When I got there, I found my wife and the pastor’s son having sex. I went to get a cutlass, but before I came back, they had fled. READ IT ON:

Zimbabwe: Palace Sex, Spying, and Assassination: Grace Mugabe filmed Vice President Joyce Mujuru having sex

Zimbabwe: Palace Sex, Spying, and Assassination: Grace Mugabe filmed Vice President Joyce Mujuru having sex Mark key points in the article below: When having or about to have sex Vice President Joyce Mujuru wears miniskirts. Their thugs have beaten up woman for wearing miniskirts and raped many opposition women for refusing to support ZANU PF. … Continue reading

When R5 buys more than chips

ASTRONOMICAL: One of the proof-state R5 coins from 2008. The coin achieved a 70-point grading – the highest available – and is one of only 97 so far out of a run of 5000 to do so:

Mugabe must pay for illegal presidency

Robert Mugabe should compensate the state and nation for the benefits he has drawn from the national coffers since 2002 when he became an ‘illegitimate’ head of state after stealing the elections, say political analysts. read it on:

Grace PhD saga spills into the courts

The Zimbabwe National Students Union is engaging lawyers to take Grace Mugabe to the Constitutional Court over her controversial Doctorate degree:

The Money In Your Bank Account Was Stolen This Morning!

The headline is not a mistake. Yes, you can still go to the ATM and withdraw funds. You can take small amounts of cash out of the bank without the IRS seizing everything you own. read it on:

Major! Illuminati Document Surfaces Promoting a Chilling Future That They are Trying to Hide…

In a 2010 scenario planning report compiled by one of the infamous globalist’s organization known as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network, the idea of a technological police state in response to a global pandemic was entertained. read it on:

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