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Inside Gen Mujuru’s Empire -Dr Mujuru ‘hiding assets’ -National hero had 90 kids

Dr Joice Mujuru allegedly doctored deeds and nominally changed ownership of her late husband General Solomon Mujuru’s assets to prevent other bona fide beneficiaries – including an estimated 90 children – from accessing his vast estate, a family member has charged. It is alleged that the sacked Vice-President started tampering with the estate soon after … Continue reading

Zimbabwe: Zanu PF government rotten to the core: Sibanda

HARARE – Outspoken former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda says a glaring lack of government accountability coupled with gross corruption by many Zanu PF bigwigs was at the heart of Zimbabwe’s continuing political and economic crisis. read it on:

Zimbabwe: Ban On Corporal Punishment Opens New Era for Children

The recent ruling by Justice Muremba outlawing corporal punishment on children as was previously permitted by the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act has raised a storm among the Zimbabwean populace with those in the child rights sector mainly applauding the ruling while others in the general public and some sections of the education sector bemoaning … Continue reading

People of Zimbabwe who were massacred by ZANU PF government are crying Before God

Pictures of Itai Dzamara who was kidnapped by notorious ZANU PF agents of President Robert Mugabe. Itai is still missing. Please Pray for Justice or for the world to rise up against this evil, satanic government of Mugabe which is shedding innocent bloody almost everyday. People are in pain. Friends and relatives of Itai hope … Continue reading

Kasukuwere Accused of Kidnapping, Holding Dzamara

Kasukuwere Accused of Kidnapping, Holding Dzamara An activist group with close Zanu PF ties has claimed that president Robert Mugabe’s right hand man, intelligence operative and cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere masterminded the abduction and disappearance of journalist and pro-democracy campaigner Itai Dzamara. read it on:

President Zuma is not bad as the media or critics want us to believe

What is your Opinion? There is nothing wrong in sharing our ideas and believes. But let us be respectful to our leaders and people we debate with. President Zuma is not bad as the media or critics want us to believe….

South Africa: Down With Xenophobia! Say Khayelitsha Organisations

To commemorate Human Rights Day and raise awareness about xenophobia, around 80 South Africans and Somalis marched in Khayelitsha Site C at an event organised by the Social Justice Coalition (SJC). The participants marched down streets, singing and shouting slogans, "Phantsi nge xenophobia! Pantsi! (down with xenophobia)." read the whole story on:

ATTENTION: Zimbabwean woman burnt alive near Pretoria: officials

SOUTH AFRICA XENOPHOBIA VIOLENCE Johannesburg (AFP) – A Zimbabwean woman wrongly accused of killing a young boy has been lynched by an angry mob in a shanty town near the South African capital, Pretoria. The woman was burnt alive while another man, also from Zimbabwe, managed to escape after police intervened, officials said Tuesday. read … Continue reading

Zimbabwean Supporters of the Missing Human Rights Activist, Itai Dzamara Turned to God

Zimbabwean Supporters of the Missing Human Rights Activist, Itai Dzamara Turned to God Supporters of the Missing Human Rights Activist have Turned to God for help in finding Itai Dzamara. Itai was abducted from Glenview barber shop by suspected, notorious members of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). read it on:

Mugabe takes daughter with him to Japan – is Bona Robert’s heir?

President Robert Mugabe’s daughter was seen on state TV accompanying her father on an official visit to Japan. The move will intensify speculation the 91-year-old is trying to shore up his family’s hold on power, press reports and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said. read the whole story on:

CSOs threaten Mugabe over Dzamara

HARARE – Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Zimbabwe are threatening to lobby for the dethronement of President Robert Mugabe from both his Africa Union and Sadc chairmanship posts unless government brings back “abducted” political activist Itai Dzamara. read it on:

Abducted civil rights activist and journalist, Itai Dzamara

“The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has received credible reports are that abducted activist, Itai Dzamara, who has been missing since Monday, March 9 2015 has been found at Harare Central Police Station today. read it on:

Online dating scammer in court

A man accused of committing fraud through an online dating scam is expected to appear in the Bellville Specialised Commercial Crime Court in Cape Town on Tuesday Obafeni, a Nigerian, has not been asked to plead to the nine charges of fraud and one of conspiracy to commit fraud. read it on:

Stop Internet censorship in South Africa

The Right2Know Campaign has called on the public to reject the Film and Publications Board’s proposal to censor the Internet in South Africa read the whole story on:

Zimbabwe: Man Jailed 22 Years for Killing Wife Over Biltong

When the aunt arrived at the couple’s home she saw her two grandchildren aged five and three, sleeping besides their mother’s corpse. read it on:

What is Armageddon?

i can assure you that if you were to randomly ask ten people from the public what their understanding of “Armageddon” is that you would get back answers based on popular doomsday movies over the years. Much of the publics conceptualizing of Armageddon is to a large extent influenced by what they see in the … Continue reading

Escaping poverty at the expense of animals should be barred

Zimbabwe is a country with a diverse population; nearly 13 million people and 16 official languages. The primary spoken languages are; English, Shone and Ndebele. read it on:

America threatening to shoot down Israeli fighter jets during an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities

A leak broke yesterday accusing the Obama Administration of threatening to shoot down Israeli Airforce fighter jets during an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities. read whole story on:

Mugabe Plots to Arrest Didymus Mutasa

President Robert Mugabe is plotting to arrest his formerly trusted ally Didymus Mutasa, an investigation has revealed. read the whole story on:

Mathias Mhere’s infidelity exposed

GOSPEL musician Mathias Mhere’s six-year marriage has apparently long been a stormy one…

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