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South African govt deporting victims of Mugabe’s misrule yet embracing the evil dictator Mugabe

Zimbabwean illegal immigrants in South Africa are a product of Mugabe’s misrule, decades of persecutions and atrocities. On contrary South African leaders are supporting Mugabe and preventing him from falling. When he came to South Africa recently they give him platform to make his racist utterances against whites and to make speeches which incite xenophobia … Continue reading

Hitler’s efforts against COMMUNISM were RIGHT

Britain and France should have fought Russia not Germany. Today communism would be history. Britain & Allies made a mistake to fight German. Hitler was a great leader apart from his other mistakes. He should have been let or encouraged to crush the communist Russia. Adolf Hitler could have dealt death blow to COMMUNISM, read … Continue reading

Attention: Mugabe an evil dictator causing suffering to Millions

Now Xenophobic violence in South Africa has been disrupted by the SA government. The government has responded to pressure from African countries and is now doing its best to fight this violence and hate attitude. We Thank President Zuma for his efforts, We Thank the ANC for conducting educational outreaches. We thank you Julius Malema … Continue reading

Xenophobia: Zimbabwean victim hides in fridge

Duri (26) had heard about the xenophobic violence in other parts of Durban, but he threw caution to the wind as his mind toiled over the idea of fleeing back to his remote rural Honde Valley home in Manicaland province where his parents passed on a decade ago. READ WHOLE STORY ON:

A Zimbabwean View of Tyranny, Pacifism & the Bible

Extract from the The ebook: "Our Lord Jesus Christ is said to have nothing to do with politics. This is heresy. During His time on earth Christ took an extreme political position. Jesus challenged the existing political and social order when He announced a new government, the Kingdom of God and declaring himself as the … Continue reading

Is Zimbabwe civil war starting? Zanu PF youth leader’s house fire bombed

A HOUSE in Budiriro belonging to Zanu PF Harare youth league chair, Godwin Gomwe, was petrol-bombed by unknown assailants .. Campaign against Xenophobia XENOPHOBIA: Jah Prayzah defends ‘gruesome’ video Mtukudzi blasts SA DONATE Video: Zim man Created over 100 Jobs in South Africa Controversial Nigerian businessman blast South African criminals Austrian missionary nun murdered … Continue reading


SOUTH AFRICAN XENOPHOBIC ANGER SHOULD BE RE-DIRECTED AT MUGABE’S GOVERNMENT Zimbabweans fled Mugabe’s Killing Fields: atrocities, corruption, misgovernance, illegitimate rule, poverty, persecution. Mugabe is a thief who rig elections and destroyed the economy but African leaders including some South African leaders continue to prop up his corrupt and illegitimate government. What do you expect? Obvious … Continue reading

Controversial Nigerian businessman blast South African criminals

“Black South Africans are most useless, callous, wicked, lazy and unappreciative people I have ever seen” says immigrant who has been in SA for 17 years…read whole story on:

Update on anti-xenophobia, pro-social cohesion, pro-social justice march in Johannesburg

Dear Colleagues, With these widespread terrorist attacks in South Africa may be we should call for a national day of action where all shops of foreigners should close down for business or even two days as Solidarity to victims and solidarity to victims .Looking at the Freedom day coming soon we need to embark on … Continue reading

Zimbabwe woman decapitated by Xenophobic mobs in South Africa

A Zimbabwean woman, Mrs Naume Garusa (41), has become the latest victim of horrific xenophobic attacks after her body was found with her head decapitated following violent clashes in the Houghton suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, last Thursday. read it on:

XENOPHOBIA: Zimbabwean Teachers Flee Kwazulu Natal

Expatriate teachers, particularly Zimbabweans, are fleeing KwaZulu-Natal following the violence locals have unleashed on foreigners. Durban, the province’s capital, is the epicentre of the Afrophobic attacks that have claimed at least eight lives and spread to other parts of South Africa. read it on:

Dzamara’s wife living in fear

TWO young children – apparently looking for comfort – take turns to sit on the lap of their mother, Sheffra Dzamara who has now spent more than a month looking for her husband Itai Dzamara who was abducted by suspected read it on:

700 xenophobic attack victims leave for Zimbabwe today

OVER 700 Zimbabweans displaced by the xenophobic attacks will leave Durban in South Africa today following successful documentation by embassy officials yesterday, while more are expected to trickle into the country throughout the week. read it on:

Gamatox’ members invited to join People First

FORMER Zanu-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo has urged Zanu-PF officials who are being vilified and harassed in the party over their perceived links to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, to be bold enough to jump ship and openly join the People First party. read it on:

You’ve failed, Mujuru tells Mugabe

FORMER vice president Joice Mujuru says images of Zimbabweans being brutalised in South Africa have ruined the country’s 35th Independence celebrations as they show that "we have failed somehow" read it on:

We will investigate police attack on xenophobia protesters

Harare – A minister in President Robert Mugabe`s government on Saturday promised to investigate reports that riot police brutally beat up a Zimbabwean rights activist protesting xenophobic violence outside the South African embassy in Harare read whole story on:

Ndebele or Zulu, all same: Bishop Verryn

METHODIST church pastor and human rights activist Bishop Paul Verryn said on Saturday the killing of foreign nationals and looting of their shops is akin to spitting in the face of God. read it on:

SA has taken `us’ for granted long enough

I have been living in South Africa for seven years now and for the greater part of this time I have been made to feel like a burden, a parasite, a nuisance they have to live with by some South African brothers and sisters. read it on

SA must re-examine identity crisis, Moyo

INFORMATION Minister Jonathan Moyo said Friday that South Africa needs to "critically re-examine its identity crisis" in the wake of the xenophobic violence that has swept through parts of the country. read it on:

Three arrested for Sithole’s murder

Three arrested for Sithole’s murder Johannesburg – Three people have been arrested in connection with the murder of Mozambican national Emmanuel Sithole, Gauteng police said on Monday. read it on:

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