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Attention: Foreigners under fire in South Africa -Picture of a burned Foreigner in Durban

Foreign nationals are under fire in South Africa. Dozens have been stoned, beaten, and murdered in Durban. Many foreign owned shops have been looted and burned. Xenophobia in Durban is not natural its being promoted and pioneered by some leaders who wants to see foreigners leaving South Africa. A COVERT OPERATION is going on.

Soon Xenophobia is going to spread to other cities in South Africa. This means suffering and deaths of men, women and children. Don’t stand neutral while foreigners are being murdered in South Africa. Pray for safety of foreigners, Pray for the media to bring these savages to attention of the world without bias (most part of South African media is Xenophobic and biased against foreigners). Write letters to your legislator encouraging them to take action. Contact South African embassy near you urging them to protect foreign nationals. Stay alert by visiting: action

Remains of a Foreigner burned by South Africans in Durban

Edward Zuma who is inciting and promoting Xenophobia in Durban

Campaign against Xenophobia in South Africa aim to mobilize people for Prayer and Action. By Prayer, Publicity and Pressure we will be able to save life and stop massive suffering of people in South Africa. Campaign against Xenophobia will gather and report news related to Xenophobia, start Prayer Networks, warn foreigners through emailing lists, social networks in case of dangers, inform the Police and other human rights groups about signs or incidence of Xenophobia.: Visit –



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