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What your cellphone provider knows about you

There have been many reports of government institutions spying on South Africans – here is what information they can get about you from your cellular provider. read whole article on: What your cellphone provider knows about you Recent Posts What your cellphone provider knows about you `Zim economy to record 3,2% marginal growth’ Khaya Moyo … Continue reading

Israel rigged Zimbabwean elections. Why are Jewish Organizations silent?

Israel rigged Zimbabwean elections. Why are Jewish Organizations silent? Did Israel rig 2013 Zimbabwean election? If it’s true it means that country is evil. Starved Zim Children as Israel help Mugabe My American Christian friends Told me that Jews (obvious he was referring to many Jews not all or to Israel) are evil they are … Continue reading

Gay! Mugabe’s Minister Saviour

HALF of the ministers in President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet are of questionable sexual orientation and have a propensity to “double dip”, former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa said Thursday. Gay! Mugabe’s Minister Saviour ‘He is Gay’ Mliswa reiterates Saviour RECENT POSTS  Watch drones fight crime in the City of Cape Town … Continue reading

Zimbabwe: How Zanu PF killed Itai Dzamara

Among those who kidnapped Itai Dzamara were Luke Chapunga and Floyd Kabadza.They demanded he renounce his activism in return he would receive $600 a month tax free and other benefits.Dzamara refused.They denied him food and water for days,electrocuting him on the private parts,he messed himself.They beat him up with whips and fists and still he … Continue reading

Scams Alert – Work From Home Scam

The Work at HomeScam has many variations. For specific examples you can refer to the following under the Employment Scams category: Ads/E-mail Processing, Craft Assembly, Data Entry, Envelope Stuffing, List with Clients for Sale, Make Profit Now, Marketing Kit, Medical Billing Service, and Typing at Home. Watch the video below to see in action the … Continue reading

Mugabe blames xenophobic violence in SA on the legacy of colonialism

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe laid the blame for xenophobic violence in South Africa on white people, because he said they still owned most of the land and had most of the opportunities. read whole story on: Mugabe blames xenophobic violence in SA on the legacy of colonialism RECENT POSTS Zimbabwe: World Bank Warms Up to … Continue reading

South African govt: Stop Targeting and Deporting Zimbabweans: institutionalized Xenophobia

Friends, I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign — it’s called: South African govt: Home Affairs, Police and UNHCR: Stop Targeting and Deporting Zimbabweans: institutionalized Xenophobia This issue is very important to me, and together we can do something about it! Read more about it and sign it here: reading

Zimbabwe: SA Suspends Deportations

..SOUTH AFRICA has temporarily suspended deportations following a legal challenge by a human rights group which argued that it was insensitive for authorities to target foreigners, including Zimbabweans, following xenophobic attacks that resulted in the murder of seven people.Over 800 undocumented migrants have been arrested across South Africa in the past three weeks under a … Continue reading

Why the death penalty won’t solve SA’s crime problem

Death sentence will make criminals and potential criminals fear. There is too much crime because there is no fear of the Law. You can hear criminals say, ”I can kill you lam not afraid of police or jail". RAPISTS, MURDERERS, and those who do armed Robbery must be hanged. They are raping our sisters, They … Continue reading


(I received email below from someone l know its so interesting.) THE EMAIL: From: "xxxxx" <xxxx> Date: Mon, May 11, 2015 3:40 am To: action Priority: Normal Do these people have secret societies or satanic clubs which they use to control who becomes a president? THIS ONE REALLY MADE ME SMILE!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN … Continue reading

Picture: Abuse and degradation of elderly citizens

In Zimbabwe people are being abused and degraded through poverty. The culprit is the communist government of President Robert Mugabe which is looting everything from mines to banks. See Picture and whole article on: RECENT POSTS Mugabe to compensate white farmers for land grabs South African mercenaries’ secret war on Boko Haram Two killed … Continue reading

A Jew conspired to have MDC leader Tsvangirai hanged for treason in Zimbabwe

Some few years back some Americans told me that Jews are behind Mugabe’s power in Zimbabwe. I could not believe what they told me. I thought maybe they just hated Jews. Now closely look at Mugabe, Israel and Jews. You will see that Israel or Jews are behind Mugabe’s power. read whole story on:

The most Dangerous man in Zimbabwe

“Kasukuwere is a ZANU PF minister, the right hand man of Mugabe, Mugabe’s hit man or hired gun. He controls the Central Intelligence (CIO) branch responsible for assassinations, torture and abduction of Mugabe’s critics in Zimbabwe. If your brother or sister has been tortured or abducted or killed by ZANU PF or so-called unknown men, … Continue reading

Zimbabwe: Bring down the evil dictator Robert Mugabe

South Africa and other African leaders should stand with the oppressed Zimbabweans not to stand with the devil, dictator Mugabe. 91 year old Mugabe has nothing to offer Africa except his stupid racist outbursts, propaganda, corruption and state terrorism. People want food, jobs, peace and security. Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s rule is economical unproductive and a … Continue reading

Zimbabwe Secret Police (CIO) bans mini-skirts

..The Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) has banned mini-skirts and stylish hairstyles as part of its "reformation" of the spy agency. CIO bans mini-skirts Recent Posts Meikles Hotel bugged ahead of SADC? Companies retrench over 200 000 workers Auction floor rejects Mujuru tobacco Join Mujuru or no cash, donors tell ex-PM Inside South Africa’s illegal immigration … Continue reading

Zimbabwe: Poverty-stricken couple’s battle for survival

TATENDA and Mary have lived with the sword of poverty hanging over their lives for many years. It has been so bad that Tatenda has often entertained the thought of taking his own life. Zimbabwe: Poverty-stricken couple’s battle for survival RECENT POSTS Zimbabwe: Poverty-stricken couple’s battle for survival NUDE PHOTOS, MISS WORLD ZIMBABWE , School … Continue reading

Kenya won’t allow homosexuality, says VP Ruto

– Kenya will not allow homosexuality, Vice President William Ruto has reportedly said, adding that the practice is against Christianity and human nature. To read the whole article click the link below: Kenya won’t allow homosexuality, says VP Ruto Recent Posts Edward Zuma demands apology from Malema Kenya won’t allow homosexuality, says VP Ruto My … Continue reading

My comments about Adolf Hitler and reply to a Jewish friend

(My next article will be about Jews behind communism from Russia to Africa) Dear Friend Thank you for your letter. Fighting for Human rights and dignity is my Life. According to the Black Book of Communism, ‘Communist regimes have killed "approximately 100 million people” · 65 million in the People’s Republic of China · 20 … Continue reading

Britain & Allies made a mistake to fight German

Britain & Allies made a mistake to fight German. Adolf Hitler could have dealt death blow to COMMUNISM read his book on: or

Statues and foreigners loathed alike in South Africa

Heritage experts have drawn parallels between the vandalism of historical monuments and the recent xenophobic attacks, saying both were symptoms of underlying frustrations fuelled by poverty, slow transformation and unemployment. link: Statues and foreigners Recent Posts China, Russia to Hold First-ever Joint Mediterranean Naval Exercise GMO Marijuana HOAX: Did Monsanto Really Just Get A Patent … Continue reading

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