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My comments about Adolf Hitler and reply to a Jewish friend

(My next article will be about Jews behind communism from Russia to Africa)

Dear Friend

Thank you for your letter. Fighting for Human rights and dignity is my Life.

According to the Black Book of Communism, ‘Communist regimes have killed "approximately 100 million people”

· 65 million in the People’s Republic of China

· 20 million in the Soviet Union

· 2 million in Cambodia

· 2 million in North Korea

· 1.7 million in Ethiopia

· 1.5 million in Afghanistan

· 1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe

· 1 million in Vietnam

· 150,000 in Latin America mainly Cuba

· 10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power. The Black Book of Communism

Adolf Hitler hated COMMUNISM to the last degree and he was ready to crush it. If the British politicians at that time had brains they would have encourage Germany to attack Russia and crush communism that would have saved the world and spared 100 million lives.

The Logic is:

Adolf Hitler is alleged to have killed 6 million Jews (which some critics are disputing that Hitler has killed many Jews but not that 6 million). So Hitler is a lesser evil as to compare with communist regimes which killed 100 million.

Zimbabwe and a Jewish Company

The people of Zimbabwe are being oppressed and massacred by the Communist Regime of President Robert Mugabe but a Jewish Company called NIKUV International Projects ( owned by ex-Mossad rigged 2013 presidential elections for Mugabe. Nikuv got away with 10 million to Israel, Mugabe got away with power. The causality is the people of Zimbabwe who are currently starving, being suppressed, abducted and murdered by Mugabe’s ZANU PF regime.

Israel does not even sanction this company, most likely its bringing them money because it’s owned by their intelligence. USA government controlled by Jewish money does nothing.

I don’t hate any race. But l hate this evil and corruption going on, this naked sponsorship of communism to kill and subjugate Zimbabwean people. Do you people care about blacks or blacks are just people to use to get money? Zimbabweans are blacks – so who cares? I never heard even the DA or Jewish organizations condemning NIKUV. Why? God knows!

I was deliberately avoiding writing on NIKUV, Communism and some links between Mugabe and our Jewish brothers. My readers where asking me why are you ignoring this? You think this campaign is unfair and should stop? I am prepared to hear your side. If you want to meet me. We can set a meeting and talk about these agonizing things.

I am still deciding whether l should or not write the next article: (My next article will be about Jews behind communism from Russia to Africa)

Thank you.

doct <doctor>
Sat, May 2, 2015 at 6:58 PM
RE: [news21] Britain & Allies made a mistake to fight German

I was under the understanding that you stood for human rights and dignity. This email is disturbing. Let get some facts straight. Hitler would have gassed you and me both. I as a Jew and you as a black man would have been murdered along with our entire families. Hitler hated blacks as much as he hated Jews if not more. Hitler is the ace, king and queen in the deck of racists murderous mother fuckers.

Yes he stood against communism but who cares as he stood primarily against you and me.

Anyway, Keep up the good work on the other posts as this is the first that I have had a negative reaction too. I enjoy most of your emails. This one was ill conceived.

From: ownersowners [mailto:ownersOn Behalf Of News
Sent: 02 May 2015 04:32 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: [news] Britain & Allies made a mistake to fight German

Britain & Allies made a mistake to fight German.

Adolf Hitler could have dealt death blow to COMMUNISM

read his book on:




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