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Malema kissing Winnie again

Malema kissing Winnie again. This is completely not allowed in African culture. A child is not allowed to fall inlove with older people. read it on:

PIC:The Hotness of Minister Mzembi’s daughters

Who knew Tourism Minister, Walter Mzembi had such a bevy of hot daughters. He revealed his ‘arsenal’ when he posted a pic in which he was hanging out with the girls on social media. see pictures:

Activists call for Army, Prisons, and police to join the regime change

An anti- President Robert Mugabe activist Albert Matapo has made a passionate appeal to the members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, The Zimbabwe Correctional and Prison Services and the Zimbabwe Republic Police to abandon protecting the Zanu PF government which is set to starve them and join the regime change. read it on:

48% of Bulawayo’s teens indulging in sex, beer parties

A NEW research has revealed that nearly 48 percent of Bulawayo’s teenagers, aged between 15 and 19 years partook in the x-rated wild parties popularly know as vuzu parties in 2015. read it on:

Man who was busted bonking donkey speaks out,says it was his only option

A man who was caught abusing a donkey has said he had no choice since women had rejected him.A donkey… read it on:

Shock as two man agree to marry one woman

SYLVESTER Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani have agreed to enter into a polyandry marriage contract with Joyce Wambui. read it all on:

Drama as wife is busted bonking married landlord

A ST mary’s couple’s marriage has broken after the exposure of an illicit affair between the wife and their landlord. read whole story on:

Does the U.S. Need the Minuteman?

It seems that the U.S., without a Minuteman missile force, would make it easy — in facttempting — for an adversary such as Russia to take out the entire U.S. strategic nuclear force in one or a series of very limited first strikes. read whole article on:

Video: Eat Rats! Xmas in Zimbabwe

In 2006 Blacks in Zimbabwe were eating rats for Xmas. Most whites, even from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe don’t know the full story of 1980-2010. I discuss the war mongering & other things that collapsed Zimbabwe.]]

Networks must protect you from shady subscription services: Icasa

A draft of the new Code of Conduct for Premium Rated Services has outlined new responsibilities for mobile operators to protect their subscribers from shady premium-rated services.

Zimbabwe Doctors, Nurses Threaten to Down Tools Over Salary Delays

Zimbabwean government doctors and nurses on Monday informed the government of their intention not to report for work if their December salaries are not paid by the end of this month. read it on:

Harare demolitions: Residents fight back

Her six-day-old baby, Cute, is strapped to her back as she eventually gets to tell her story. She and fellow settlers in Harare’s Glen View 4 suburb have for days spent several nights taking turns to keep night vigils to stop the Harare City Council from demolishing their houses. read it all on:

Zimbabwe’s Elephants Are Dying, But Its Rhinos Are Doing Better

The number of rhinos killed by poachers in Zimbabwe spiked to 164 in 2008. In 2014, poachers killed 15 rhinos in Zimbabwe—including five black rhinos in Save Valley and one white rhino in Bubye Valley. read it on:

On Streets of Harare, Few Takers for China’s Yuan

Zimbabwe abandoned its worthless dollar in 2009, and the southern African nation started using almost all major currencies such as the U.S. dollar, South African rand and British pound.

Zimbabwe: Prosecutors Seeks Zinatha Help in Trial of Malawi Nángas

PROSECUTORS are seeking the expertise of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Associations (ZINATHA) in prosecuting two self-styled healers who conned a lovelorn woman of $32,550 claiming they would bring back her long lost boyfriend. read it on:

Zimbabwe: Lovelorn Businessman Woman Weeps for U.S$30, 000 Lost in Bid to Win Back Lover

A Chinhoyi woman who lost over $30, 000 to three Malawian traditional healers in a bid to bring back long lost lover Wednesday broke down and wept uncontrollably while testifying before Harare magistrate Sharon Rakafa. read it on:

Our role in the civilizational crisis

It’s no secret: America and her allies are in serious danger. We have President Obama’s lack of global leadership to blame for the rising threat of ISIS. Our leaders have clearly failed in the fight on terrorism. read it on:

Soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan blast says he’s been forced to re-mortgage his home to fund new pros thetic limbs

Clive Smith wants to pay for pioneering artificial limb surgery in Australia He claims he’s been left with no choice after ‘betrayal’ by the NHS and MoD For 12 months he has been in a wheelchair waiting for new prosthetic limbs read it on:

Somalia bans Christmas and New Year festivities

Somalia’s government has banned celebrations of Christmas and New Year in the Muslim majority country, saying the festivities might attract Islamist attacks.

13 Zimbabweans die in road accidents

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is reporting that 13 people died in road accidents Thursday alone, a figure slightly lower than the 17 recorded on the same day last year. read it all on:

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