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Zimbabwe Police Arrest Munyaradzi Oshipeya (Temba Mliswa’s Driver) for Assualting Kudzai Gasho

Please lets sign the petition to support

Kudzai Gasho

who was assaulted by a well connected thug. go to:



  • brianUkraine, Kiev
    Jan 01, 2016

    with enough human courage and the wiil we can enforce law, if all Zimbabweans work together towards this common goal, this would be achievable, we have the obligation to do something,

    kudzai we are solidly behind you

  • Danny KadikiUnited Kingdom
    Jan 01, 2016

    Bring all criminals to book.

  • Munyaradzi MotsiUnited Kingdom, Southampton
    Jan 01, 2016

    Please arrest thus animal why are such vile acts going unpunished

  • Mind PfumaiGermany
    Jan 01, 2016

    We support Kudzai

Attention: Zimbabwe Republic Police (Z R P)
Josia Chinamano Avenue,
Harare, Zimbabwe
Telephone: +263 4 72 0276
All Reports & Enquiries 721212, 736931, 725803

Please Zimbabwe Republic Police investigate a case of corruption and abuse in the case of Kudzai Gasho who is claiming to have been assaulted by Munyaradzi Oshipeya, Temba Mliswa’s driver in Karoi, Zimbabwe.

Case No: ASSAULT DOCKET CR 131/12/14

The Prosecutor in Charge

Karoi Magistrate Court

The villager Kudzai Gasho claims that he was assaulted on 28 December 2014 by Munyaradzi Oshipeya (Mliswa’s driver) until he was unconscious and despite reporting the matter to the police he has continued to receive threats from his assailant and his colleagues.

The accused Munyaradzi Oshipeya (Temba Mliswa’s driver) has not been arrested or charged instead the victim Kudzai Gasho continue to receive threats.

We request that justice be done and that Kudzai Gasho receive protection and all support he need from Zimbabwean Police.

Thank you.


Shockingnews21 has receive Whatsapp message below about the case of Kudzai Gasho who is claiming to have been assaulted by big man’s driver (Temba Mliswa’s driver). Mliswa is an ex-ZANU PF MP. I urge you all people to try and help the victim Kudza Gasho to get justice or to support him financial or with legal help. His email is:kudzaigasho
Or if you are having problem in reaching the victim we will assist you. Just contact us at:action

Please continue to Remember Kudzai Gasho story and please do something to help this victim. Thanks. Shockingnews21)



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