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BREAKING NEWS: CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights gets nasty

BREAKING NEWS:CIO unleashes shocking classified documents on Grace Mugabe as Zanu PF dogs fights gets nasty:

Grace is a woman of loose morals, that is why she had to leave her husband and ended up having an affair with a married man Robert Mugabe.However if we are to put Grace under a microscope and also bring in the Crocodile into the equation about what he has been up to for the entire 36 years he has been Mugabe’s right hand man, you will be horrified to the prospect of Munangagwa, becoming the next president of Zimbabwe.Morals alone do not either qualify nor disqualify anybody from assuming the most powerful office in the land. Munangagwa is full of blood in his hands and he is responsible for Mugabe’s long stay in power through orchestrating electoral frauds since Year 2000.If I was him, I would be silent because he has too much skeletons in his closet. If he now wants to wash dirty linen in public, he will be left in a worse off situation than Grace.Grace is fighting to keep the loot that her husband stole during his tenure, but Munangagwa wants to inflate his ego and perpetuate the status quo, which has overstayed it usefulness already to a majority of Zimbabweans. Munangagwa is a very dangerous prospect because he has learnt so much from Mugabe.There is nothing new that he will bring to the table, while Grace, as naive as she is will be adventurous, through her handlers.She is not going to last long as the president of the country without anybody taking over, while for Munangagwa,he is likely to be at the helm of the country for more than two terms.So people need to understand these dynamics before completely dismissing this woman.Grace will never be too powerful as a president, she will have advisors that will help her implement government policy.She is not a sophisticated classy woman like what her husband has been, so removing her from the presidency will not be as difficulty as that of EM.


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