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Criminal sponsors behind Mugabe are also sponsors of the DA. Mayor Herman Mashaba must stop fueling hatred of foreigners.

Criminal sponsors behind Mugabe are also sponsors of the DA. Mayor Herman Mashaba must stop fueling hatred of foreigners.

Herman Mashaba is the first criminal suspect who must be investigated by hawks. That is why his Jewish controlled political party lost to the ANC. South Africans rejected racism, xenophobia, sexism and greediness manifested in political parties like the DA.

He must not utter irresponsible statements deliberately calculated to fuel xenophobia and violence. Not all illegal immigrants are criminals. These are people searching for better lives just like his parents and friends did in other countries.
The liberals and perverts who are funding the DA are the same people behind Mugabe’s power in Zimbabwe, Yoweri Museveni in Uganda and other coconuts and dictators in Africa. These bad leaders are causing poverty, wars and desperation among Africans thereby fueling immigration.

Mugabe was assisted by a Jewish company called Nikuv from Israel to rig elections. The DA and liberal sponsored Mass Media was silent – because their controllers helped to rig Zimbabwean elections. The same funders behind DA are also secretly behind tyrants like Mugabe.

Black Africans don’t trust the DA. Its a colonial reminiscent that wants to advance the interests of white supremacists. DA President Maimane and other black leaders in DA like Herman Mashaba are puppets who see immigrants as limiting the white privileges. An increase in the number of blacks through birth or mix up with their African brothers is a threat to white privileges which the DA represent.

Crime is on increase in South Africa because of poverty and hopelessness. Millions of blacks still have no opportunities and have no land irrespective of independence from whites. All the wealth of South Africa is still controlled by white minorities. Millions of blacks still stay in shacks. Millions who are hard working are payed nuts by their white bosses. The private sector is the most corrupt sector in South Africa, it abuse workers and does not pay them sufficient wages. But the media is silent about this because it is manipulated by whites who control the private sector.

Some parties in private sector are interested in sabotaging and decreasing employment so that the ANC government can be blamed. Its time to wake up to see who is our really enemy – greediness, envy and corruption of the private sector.

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