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Did you know that Black Americans are mental inferior?

No-one can dispute that black Americans or Negroes are mental inferior. These dude cant even think properly. Black Americans support all the African dictators. These dictators knows that they are wrong but the problem is that they just want power and easy wealth. What is more disturbing is the black Americans who support these dictators with passion. I loath black Americans.

Read a comment from a reader:

The brother is right. These Black Americans are in the dark. I think these African dictator presidents are either much smarter than those misguided dudes (slow guys) or the dudes are just too slow to understand simple things. They should ask themselves why African has not been able to change its status of being a dark continent even many years of being under its own people’s rule. At times one would feel Africans were better of colonized because after every battle of liberation has been won, plander by those entrusted to run the country and its economy. Most of these African leaders are worth billions of Dollars yet their nation’s are drowning in debts and unemployment is beyond 95%.

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Elections results are rigged, your black brothers in those nations are not allow to express discontent. The majority of those who spoke are now layed in some graves even in mass graves without death certificates as their deaths were never censured due to the circumstances they have died under the hands of some dictators. Now the brother man in America hails these dictator African rulers.

May God have mercy on you. You need to work up. Most of the so called bad white guys are not if this era. I know they are out there, but it’s time for our own to demonstrate that even them can oppress on the same subjects (these black Africans).

It is your right to support anyone you want to, but think extra hard before you openly express it and be careful not to hurt your brother’s feeling. African is not yet free, so wake up from your dream. Africa is still bleeding and in agony. Don’t be racial about it, be rational.

Black Americans who support African dictators are racists, moral warped and mischievous!

Posted on September 28, 2016

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