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South African Farmers cruel treatment of black farm workers.

The mistreatment of black farm workers by Boer farmers is too much in South Africa. We hear that a 21-year-old has been thrown out of bakkie in North West, Man has been put in coffin alive, man has been thrown to lions and so many other stories.

I have worked in Farms and Game Reserve and I have first-hand experience of how some farmers treat their workers.

On the other hand, I have condemned farm murders and crime that target farmers.

But I think farm murders and targeted crime on Farmers is God’s judgement for farmer’s cruelty and mistreatment of black workers in South African farms.

At least treat the workers with humanity. Don’t beat workers, don’t deliberately withdraw their wages, don’t randomly shot people for no reason. That is humanity and justice.

There are some good farmers but those are few. Workers also don’t steal and deliberately destroy property.

The solution to racism is to defend what is right and condemn what is wrong. There is no race which is totally right or totally wrong.

Racial discrimination is a menace to any society. Racism by whites is evil. Racism by blacks is evil.

Don’t side with your race. Side with who is right and condemn what is unjust and defend peace. Love all.

Collen Makumbirofa

Email: makumbirofa


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